X-Ville Deck
Dayton Ohio's renowned Quasi Skateboards have hooked up with Gem City rock deities Guided By Voices. An extremely limited edition skateboard will feature the extraordinary collage art of GBV's multi-talented Robert Pollard. Based on his X-Ville: Catalogue #1733 collage, featured in Volume 11 of Pollard's art journal EAT, the stylish deck will be available in 200 stores worldwide and available for mail-order for just 3 weeks, deadline September 7.
Release date is October 31st

Hot Freaks Long Sleeve Shirt

Just in time for the cold weather, Quasi is also offering a long sleeve t-shirt deigned by their in house artists.
Release date is October 31st

ESP Ohio Starting Point of the Royal Cyclopean Singles

Robert Pollard has created another fantastic side project (that doesn't feel like a side project) called ESP Ohio. He has reunited with Guided by Voices guitarist/Lifeguards collaborator Doug Gillard. Travis Harrison (Lifeguards producer) and Mark Shue (current GBV bassist) provide the powerful rhythm section.
Both singles are limited to 500 WORLDWIDE.

ESP Ohio
Royal Cyclopean
Limited to 500 copies worldwide.
ESP Ohio
Lithuanian Bombshells
limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Not In My Airforce
Remastered 20th Anniversary Reissue
This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Robert Pollard's first solo album Not in My Airforce. On September 9th GBV Inc will be reissuing the album in the format the artist originally intended. The final six songs (Party, Did it Play?, Double Standards Inc, Punk Rock Gods and Good Luck Sailor) will be on a bonus 7 inch EP. Originally released on Matador Records on September 10th, 1996, the album includes several classics that became GBV live staples through the years: "Psychic Pilot Clocks Out”, "Flat Beauty", “Quicksilver”, "Maggie Turns To Flies” and "Get Under It”. This release was remastered from the original DAT and will be limited to 2000 copies worldwide. The LP is pressed on transparent yellow vinyl and the EP on black vinyl.

Eats On Sale!

Eat 5, Eat 9, Eat 10, and Eat 11 are all on sale! And the first 90 orders of Eat 12 receive a free CD copy of Crying Your Knife Away!

Eat 5 - $4

Eat 9 - $6

Eat 10 - $12

Eat 11 - $6

Eat 12 - Free CD of Crying Your Knife Away