Teenage Guitar
More Lies From The Gooseberry Bush

Teenage Guitar is about trying hard without seeming to try hard. The result is that rare thing: a completely original album. Which is also a true delight, a sky-blue gem, a timeless and untimely cabinet of wonder. And by some few miles the greatest musical artifact your ears will have the pleasure of encountering this year. Pre-order for the September 2nd release.

Guided By Voices
Cool Planet

Guided By Voices
Motivational Jumpsuit

Eat 10
10 years ago Robert Pollard released his first literary magazine entitled Eat. The series includes stories, poems, fake band names, and collages. Hundreds of collages. Many of these have been featured in 3 different NYC art shows. With Eat 10, Uncle Bob has outdone himself.
Eat 10 is 128 pages of new collages PLUS a fold out/tear out poster as the centerfold. The book has twice as many pages as the predecessors and is a perfect bound book. It's full color and printed on high quality paper. Only 500 printed with less than 400 for sale at Rockathon Records.

Guided By Voices
The Club Is Open T-Shirt

Back by popular demand, The Club is Open Shirt for 2014. We have updated the style a bit, made it two sided and are using a lighter weight 100% cotton shirt. Brand and style is District Concert Tee. You'll look great at upcoming GBV shows!