Guided By Voices
How Do You Spell Heaven
What do you do after releasing your 100th album? You release your 101st.
Guided By Voices
Just to Show You 7"
Backed with Knife City (non album song). Limited to 500 and on green vinyl.
Cash Rivers
She Laughed I Left 7"
Limited to 500 copies and only available mail-order from Rockathon.

Robert Pollard 100

To commemorate Robert Pollard's historic achievement of releasing 100 studio albums, Rockathon Records is pleased to offer 100. This book contains the front and back covers for all 100 studio albums. Less a testament to his extensive career and more a study in album art, the book is a large format (12x12) hard cover cloth bound document containing over 200 pages printed to the edge. Limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship this out of the country. The rates are too high for the weight of the book. Please contact your local record store to have them order from Revolver/MidHeaven.

Guided By Voices
August By Cake

Guided by Voices August by Cake is the 100th studio album by Robert Pollard. A truly historic event. It will be released April 7th and contains 32 songs on one CD or double LP.